Ogawa Waterfall

A cliff approximately 100 m wide, featuring a waterfall that's 46 m high and 60 m across, suddenly emerges from the 1.2 km pedestrian path. Multiple streams as delicate as silk, fall into an emerald green basin creating a magical space. Cascading water echoes across the gaping space, winning it tremendous popularity as a healing spot that soothes the body and soul.
Listen to the sounds performed by nature…

The Ogawa Valley pedestrian path is a trail where the trickle of a clear stream and birds singing can be heard and enjoyed. Dress in clothing appropriate for navigating the path's modest amount of ups and downs. There'll be a sign indicating that you’ve reached the mid-point, with small rest areas along the way. It makes for a delightful walk in spring or fall, accompanied by a lunch box.

Visit on Sunny Days

The pool at the base of the waterfall is difficult to see on rainy days. So much so that some are shocked by the difference compared to pictures they've seen that were taken on sunny days. When it rains there's an upsurge in the outflow from the hydroelectric plant, which in turn increases the amount of water pouring from the waterfall into the basin, resulting in a cloudy, non-reflective appearance. After a few days of sunshine, the emerald green basin is visible again. The less water flowing, the better the view so check the weather when planning a visit.


Ogawa Hydroelectric Plant: In Taisho 9 (the year 1921) the hydroelectric plant opened at Ogawa. The water intake is atop the falls. Although the water is decreasing, it still serves as the biggest hydroelectric plant in Kagoshima.



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Ogawa Waterfall

minamiosumi Nejime Kawakita 12222 kimotsuki district, Kagoshima Prefecture
Seven days a week (with the case during the rainy weather, etc. of the off-limits for feet is bad)
0994-24-3115 (minamiosumi Tourism Section)