Panorama Park Nishiharadai

There’s a 439 m high observation deck about 20 minutes drive from the Nejime urban area. Underneath lies a vast scenic view stretching from Minamiosumi-cho to the Sata area, including the Takakuma Mountains, Kinko Bay and on the opposite shore, Satsuma Peninsula. It’s a tranquil spot with commanding views of Sakurajima to the north and Kaimondake Volcano to the west.
Paraglider Flight Area

There is a paragliding flight area and you can see them soaring across the sky on clear days.

Bring A Lunch Along

Since it’s located on a hill, Spring and Fall are great times of the year for a picnic while feeling the gentle breeze and chatting with friends, loved ones, and family. It’ll surely brighten your mood as you benefit from the healing power of nature.

Twilight is Also Delightful

From the park's vantage point on the opposite side of Kinko Bay, once you witness the almost otherworldly sight of the sun setting behind Kaimondake Volcano with it's light reflecting on the sea, you won't want to leave. Distinct from the daytime experience, twilight viewings will surely resonate for many years to come.


The facility was built as a break area for forestry workers but became a popular spot for scenic viewings.



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Panorama Park Nishiharadai

Minami-Osumi-cho Neshiyama, Kagoshima Pref.
Seven days a week
0994-24-3115 (minamiosumi Tourism Section)